Important tips

  • Have appliances professionally installed and serviced.
  • Ensure your appliances are well ventilated. In particular, check the venting of your water heating system.
  • The gas flame in your appliances should burn a healthy bright blue or blue-orange, never a sluggish yellow.
  • If a pilot light goes out, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for relighting: turn off the appliance and allow any accumulated natural gas to vent before relighting..

Prevent Carbon monoxide leaks by ensuring your gas appliances and/or furnace have proper ventilation, are installed, operating, and maintained properly. Doing so will help your appliances and heating units are operating safe and efficiently. Always install a carbon monoxide detector and have a HVAC technician check your heating equipment annually.

If you are looking to add and extra amenity such as a fire-pit, gas fireplace, or change from an electric to gas appliance, Reliance Home Comfort can help! We are a full service gas contracting company.

Reliance Home Comfort 

Gas Services

  • Gas piping for existing & new appliances.
  • Outdoor fire pits
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Gas generators

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